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'Committed to Excellence', quality, trust, and all everyone says. So what makes us different?

We are British-American husband-and-wife small and medium business consultants, with an international touch:

  • Specialised in implementing new ideas for all sizes of organisations

  • Up-to-date with the tech that is relevant for you, be that a simple Wix website to cloud tech to blockchain

  • Absolute sticklers for getting it right


We provide our services to clients worldwide and firmly believe in geographic arbitrage, so can be readily found with clients in whatever country they happen to be in. Our clients range from numerous one-person start-ups and SMEs to international firms, national government organisations, universities, charities and think tanks

We are adament about doing things right, which means we are not the cheapest out there. But on the other hand, this is your business. Do you really want to nickle-and-dime it? Bad advice 50 cents, Good advice $1....another hard choice?

Think of it this way: you can buy furniture and decorate your living room. So can an interior designer. Both ways you end up with a space you can use, but only with the interior designer will your idea for the space be fully visualised, meeting your needs and needs you didn't even know you had:

We are the interior designer for your business


We will be delighted to discuss your needs and prepare a quote for you. If you just need an idea of cost, no problem! We can send a quick-quote so you have a ball-park figure to begin planning. We also are happy to work with charities and not-for-profits at a reduced rate - you are doing something good for the world, and we'd like to help!

We travel a lot and we really, really like tea. ​There's a lot more - you should ask us...

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Originally from the USA, I worked in regional economic development helping small local businesses grow. I moved to London ten years ago for my MSc in Aquatic Resource Management at King's College London, building on my degree in Geology and Economics from Mount Holyoke College and University College London


I then moved into business consulting for environmental consultancies and charities, linking science and business (not always as well linked as they could be). I love helping entrepreneurs and SMEs from all over the globe - seeing ideas come alive makes me happy!


Originally from the UK, I read straight Economics at University College London where I founded my own tech-based e-mentoring and coaching company. I continued to grow this company after graduation, providing leadership technology to the NHS

From there, I expanded into business development services and have worked with clients ranging from one-person start-ups to the Church of England and universities. With Radiant Black, I get to work with clients from all over the world, enjoying the breadth of cultures within business and without

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