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Theirs nothing more beutiful then error-free English.,

Perfect English is essential for businesses communicating a new idea, especially  in different countries.
As native speakers in the international language of business and marketing, we're here to help. 
We offer correction, editing and proof-reading of existing English text, including re-writing text for targeted marketing purposes.

We specialise in marketing, business and scientific English

Creative Work


Conveying your idea, beautifully, concisely 

We can tackle all lengths and types of materials, from business cards to websites to entire travel guides. Was the content roughly translated from another language, and doesn't flow right? No problem, that's one of our specialities!

Depending on your market, we will write in British or American English, using your preferred style guide if you have one. As a necessity we will find out from you or your team who your audience is, and what audience you want. This allows for message pitch, style and tone to be perfectly aligned. This is an essential step in all copywriting


Telling your 'best truth' 

- the secret to great copy

This phrase is essential to all marketing. We will help frame your business, your goals and priorities, your products and services, in the ideal way to speak to your audience. Are you a woman in an office-garage in the suburbs who sometimes visits a co-working space and clients in the city? Or are you an independent professional working between Brooklyn and Manhattan? Or maybe a local Brooklyn artisan who decorates the grand homes of central Manhattan? These all describe the same person, we can help you explore which version is best

We also edit for style and format, because irregular, unpredictable text is exhausting to navigate and will lose you customers.

Consistency and accuracy on the other hand are your new best friends, because your idea needs to be presented in the best possible way: clearly, openly, succinctly

Our services extend to editing of scientific writing, research, papers, graduate coursework and other such formal pieces

Also, this guy can edit Latin - whoa.

We can't do that

Writing on Tablet
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