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We work with businesses and individuals who have new ideas and new products/services, or simply want a re-brand,

wherever they may be in the world

Paint Pots and Color Wheel


Creating brands may be our most favourite service

We create business-wide logos, graphic styles & designs, colour schemes, font schemes, slogans, websites (see below), letterheads, business cards, promotional and print materials (see below), and so much more. Dare to dream!


Basically anything that is, or can affect, your image - that's what we can create or improve



Trends and algorithms are constantly changing, so learning from scratch is a futile effort at best.


Pick a social media platform, we've got you covered. We design, create, edit and review all types of accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc). We help you with email marketing covers, both designing the campaign and managing it once launched

Every type of account has different audiences and users, so how can you efficiently tailor your marketing without spending too much time? Don't waste your time marketing to IG users the way you approach Twitter users, they won't care! Ask us to help instead


Production of online and print materials for just about anything you can imagine


We make advertisements, flyers, brochures, business cards, pop-up name it, we can do it


Graphic design and marketing principles vary by format, size, place, and audience, so let us guide you in maximising the impact of your materials online and offline

And we can work with the print shop to talk in print jargon, so you don't have to know the costly differences between CMYK, Pantone, HEX, RGB, etc.



We use Wix and Shopify because once they are built, you can easily maintain them yourself

We design, create, edit and review all types of websites, from one-pagers to complex multi-pages sites. We can also help train you or your staff to take over the maintenance and updating of websites to avoid those annoying monthly web developer costs

Already have a website but want to launch a new product, service or offer?

A separate independent landing page that records your traffic stats (to see how well your marketing is going) could be ideal. Don't let your concern in editing your main website prevent you from building targeted, modern landing pages to promote your business and achieving your goals

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