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The epitome of a Big Idea, the decentralised world of blockchain is where it's at. We love it, and love helping businesses figure out where they fit in to this new exciting technology

Radiant Black is an investor into the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance's Blockchain Platform, the leading UK blockchain and metrics think tank, as well as into their commercial arm Seratio. This is fantastically valuable with direct access to top blockchain developers as well as access to a blockchain platform to test and develop real-world solutions

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CCEG is a Think Tank focussing

on the movement of non-financial and social value

Rothbadi & Co is part of CCEG and is a high-end institutional consultancy and advisory aimed at banks, corporates, investment houses including impact/faith investing, incubators, family offices, governments, NGOs and UHNWI


Rothbadi & Co is based in Zurich but also uses the CCEG presence in their international offices

(currently in China, India, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, the USA and UK)

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