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You have a great idea - now what?



Businesses need to grow, but expansion can be daunting

Entrepreneurs want to start something new, but don't know how

Designer Notebook


Being good at business doesn't always mean good at marketing

Marketing is everything. We will help you understand your customers and how they think, as approaches vary wildly depending on the audience (age, location on the globe, opinions about football, you name it).

With our marketing planning, brand creation and improvement, graphic design, social media management, website building, and advertising we will create beautiful and targeted materials to build and expand your presence in the offline and online world - whoever you need to reach.


Tech makes it sound cooler but it's really just IT and cloud stuff to save you time and money

So many business owners and entrepreneurs race in circles to keep on top of projects, invoicing, HR and business development, feeling there is no time to reorganise and implement new systems.


We fix this: we create the system and train your staff, so you can move seamlessly into a more efficient, more profitable way to do business. Another word for what we do is Capacity Development - do more with less.

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Even experienced tycoons can be cr*p at writing good copy

Every decade the styles change - just think back to the good ol' 1890s with Magical Elixirs for Excellent Health, or the 1950s with the garish posters for appliances 'so easy even a woman can use them'. 

Now think about your business or idea: can you convey it quickly, easily, memorably? In the style of this decade and not the style you most recently remember? Don't worry, we can.

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We are location-independent business development professionals, marketing consultants, and web and graphic designers - this combination gives us a special perspective that allows us to consider all connected parts of your business.

Business consultants are not always good marketers.

Marketers may not have the graphic skills to produce designs.

Graphic designers don't always have the tech knowledge to build websites.

Web developers may have no clue about how your business works.

We're a quadruple threat, a rare breed.

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